We’re all just stories.

That has always been my philosophy. We’re made up of stories and experiences, and writers are just the ones who come hardwired to get that story out there. Storytellers pass on our lives to the next generation and the next. They determine who we will be, show us who we were, and inspire us to be better.

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They were the assassins. Now, they’re targets.

Adame Sacha, a professional killer with a conscience, has killed the wrong man. The repercussions of his mistake could be deadly… for him, for the ones he loves, for his people.

The Brotherhood, a league of assassins to whom he owes everything, sent him to do a job and kill a senator, the author of H-30. Except, that senator had been persuaded to pull the bill, to support the Brax rather than oppress them. An enemy has infiltrated the Brotherhood to use it for themselves, sending a Brax assassin to kill the one man in the universe he should be protecting.

Mal Renata is one of a handful of advocates working for the Brax, an alien race enslaved by humans when their planet was settled by explorers. Just as her tireless efforts are beginning to show results with shifting public opinion in favor of the Brax, someone kills the senator in the most high profile of ways, and the Brax will be blamed, endangering every man, woman, and child she fought long and hard to save. Mal has to find the assassin responsible and reveal him.

When the assassin and the human female hunting him meet, forbidden passions flare, missions mesh, and the danger escalates. Someone wants the anti-Brax bill to pass and is willing to kill to accomplish that goal. Adame and Mal might be the next victims. They will have to outrun death to uncover the culprit and find each other. Brother Mine is a standalone, sci-fi assassin romance.

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