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Hello, I’m Jolie Mason. If you found me here, you were probably looking because… yup, I’m an author. I have books available just about everywhere Indy books are sold online, or pretty close. I write because I’d be doing it anyway. I publish because writing without purpose feels empty. I love it because I love to tell stories.
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They were the assassins. Now, they’re the targets.

Who are the Brotherhood?

Killers, to put it simply, but they are also more than that. Adame Sorcha isn’t human, and he isn’t evil. He’s done what he must to survive, and, now, he’s doing what he must so Mal Renata can survive. 

Adame lifted a hand from his crossed arms. “Ms. Renata,” he said to Cari. “Killing you was never an option. You are a well known face, nearly a celebrity. It would have been sloppy.”

Mal squawked in a similar manner to her sister at that. “Am I to understand that killing me wasn’t off the table?” She was offended. There was a deep and abiding insult in being dispensable.

Brother Mine by Jolie Mason

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