Write it off.

This is the attitude that I am trying to cultivate. Remember all those little league games. Well, I don't, but I remember the concept. You came sliding into third base and twist your leg just as the overzealous third baseman slams the ball right in your teeth, and, Sweet Mary, it hurts. What does everyone... Continue Reading →

To walk the world of words, and frolic in the forest of fiction

What Inspires Your Writing?

Hailing from South Africa, Daniel Boshoff claims to spend the majority of his time writing fiction, dabbling in poetry, and “building up my mustard empire”?which I would have thought was a joke, had he not also alluded to his culinary exploits of yore as a chef and baker of artisan breads.

In addition to that chef’s hat, though, he’s worn many others, including ceramic sculptor, sailor, and musician. But the one that seemed to stick was writer. And when you go to his blog, it’s immediately clear that this is a man who knows how to write. Ask anybody to describe a writer and they may just describe Daniel: brilliant, a bit reclusive, and fueled by coffee.

I didn’t just make that up. In fact, it’s one of his future famous quotes:

Coffee and cigarettes have written more words than any man or woman.
?Daniel Boshoff

Given that…

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Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters, Mallory Ortberg

love this one. It’s a winner cause Jane Eyre. Right.

Books, j'adore

Last month, I was diligent about my research. I read a lot, but it was almost entirely a fact seeking mission, and quite frankly, it was exhausting. Don’t get me wrong – the books were incredible, and I’m so glad I took the time to read and take notes from them, but I also wish I hadn’t put so much off to the last minute that I was forced into such a rigorous schedule. As it is, we still have plenty to do before this baby arrives, and I don’t have much energy for anything – even reading delicious fiction – but I did find a book (at the beautiful new library that opened a couple of months ago right down the street – am I excited about this? Yes!) that was prefect for all the evenings I was sitting in a line of cars waiting to pick my husband…

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Where is the love?

Worst part about writing romance? Seriously? The romance part when you're single or tired or harried. . .  Honestly, It's a little like being married. There are just those days where I look at that keyboard and say "not tonight. I have a headache." And I don't. Have a headache. I just don't want to... Continue Reading →

Texting in Medieval Times

Because. . . Medieval!


We all do it a few times per day: shooting a friend a text message with our phones. Doing so has become routine and we don’t really think about it: just grab your device, hold it up, and type a few words quickly and on the fly. Both the speed and short lifespan of text messages are responsible for its most peculiar features: they are written in a special language of short words and a high volume of abbreviations, and they come with the built-in understanding that there will likely be typos included. Interestingly, this hurried and cursory manner of communicating was quite common in medieval times, while its roots can be traced back to Antiquity. This post shows how people sent each other short messages before the invention of electricity and the phone: hastily, cheaply and with a modest amount of attention. “My soldiers have run out of beer, please send some!”


British Museum, 1986,1001.64, aka Tab. Vindol. II.291 (dated to 97-103 CE) Fig. 1 – British Museum, 1986,1001.64, aka Tab. Vindol…

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If I’d only known. . .

Writing is difficult enough. The constant self-doubt and rewriting, coupled with long nights tapping away at laptop keys can send a woman right over the edge. There's stealing away, when unexpected moments allow the time, like I'm meeting my dirty, little secret for coffee. Writer's block. Writer's elbow.  It's a wonder anyone writes at all.... Continue Reading →

Jolie Mason's Facebook is up.  It's time to start networking and proving to myself that I can. It's not enough just to write these days. No, now we have to package it. One thing I know I can do is talk, so here we go. Charlotte Bronte, you were so lucky. Well, except for not... Continue Reading →

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