I’d rather be writing

Anything worth doing is worth doing well... Oh, I think I just broke out in parental hives. Deciding to go for it and publish has been exciting, terrifying,exhausting, and exhilarating. Nothing has gone as I expected it to, and that's okay. It's resulted in a wealth of self-knowledge. For instance, I hate making my own... Continue Reading →

Upcoming events

Book Sale Beginning July the third, Home is the Sailor will be available on a kindle countdown deal through the weekend of July the fourth.  New Release Home from the Sea will be released July the 22nd. It's available on pre-order right now. 

My series trailer is out, as is my youtube channel. Very excited. Jolie's Youtube!

Fraser Found

Finding Fraser by KC Dyer. Spoiler Warning   The novel is available on Amazon through the Amazon Unlimited program, and it is quite a read. It's not your typical romance. The heroine begins by starting her own blog. Following her blog posts becomes the story, as she chases her own storybook hero, Jamie Fraser from... Continue Reading →

Best James Patterson Jokes Ever!

Dysfunctional Literacy

If James Patterson doesn’t like these James Patterson jokes, he can hire some co-authors to write new ones. (image via wikimedia If James Patterson doesn’t like these James Patterson jokes, he can hire some co-authors to write new ones. (image via wikimedia)

Wow, James Patterson has written a lot of books! Even without his co-authors, James Patterson has written more best-sellers than the average writer.  It takes a lot of talent (and other traits) to “write” around 12 books a year.  Since very few authors have matched James Patterson’s achievements (I wasn’t sure whether or not to put quotation marks around “achievements”), no other author deserves to be honored with humor (or good-natured mockery) like James Patterson .

The following James Patterson jokes might not be funny, but they are the only James Patterson jokes around (that I know of).  So by default, these are the BEST JAMES PATTERSON JOKES EVER!!!



Stephen King, John Grisham, and James Patterson were hanging out at a coffee shop bragging about…

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Finding time

No Excuses.  If you want to be something, then BE something. Ask yourself what it is you want, and find out how in the heck you get there. This applies to every lesson in life, not just being a writer. All of those authors... The ones whose stories I got lost in have always been... Continue Reading →

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