Fraser Found

Fraser Dress
Fraser Dress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding Fraser by KC Dyer.

Spoiler Warning  

The novel is available on Amazon through the Amazon Unlimited program, and it is quite a read. It’s not your typical romance. The heroine begins by starting her own blog. Following her blog posts becomes the story, as she chases her own storybook hero, Jamie Fraser from the Outlander novels by “herself”. You’ll get that if you read it.

To a degree, however, it’s more than just a romance. It’s the story of a girl bumbling her way through life at a breakneck pace.  Though Ms. Sheradon is 29, she’s still struggling to find her place, has never quite fit in her life. She’s financially, emotionally and in most other ways a misfit of society. She is irrepressible. She’s also isolated by her very nature.

Who among us doesn’t get that longing for something else, something more? This story is about that painful longing for connection that some know better than others. I believe what really sets this novel apart from most of it’s contemporaries; It’s thoughtful.

Most romance writers are seeking to entertain, and that’s perfect. Nothing wrong with escapism. It’s how I cope.  Dyer managed, as she explains with the helps of some friends, to go beyond entertainment and escape into thoughtful self-examination. Perhaps, even an examination of herself as a writer.

She captures the absurdity of the internet world we live in, and the sneaks in some LOLs all the way across Scotland. I don’t often recommend books, but I am this time. It’s worth a nice long read, but don’t go into it expecting a formula. This is no formula novel.

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