Excerpt Home is the Sailor

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/122158354 She’d poured herself a Sorian brandy while Ra’ddy had been here, and it sat glowing blue green on the desk beside her as she read the trading manifest again, looking for the error that almost cost her a ridiculous amount of money. The hatch chirped insistently, but Ari only sipped the bright aquamarine brandy... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Home is the sailor

The cabinet behind Ari contained a compliment of normal sized white coffee cups and supplies, and had been clearly labeled as such. He reached around her to open it, then looked down. Her breath caught in her chest. He was so close she could smell the spicy scent of his shampoo, feel warmth emanating from... Continue Reading →

Coming soon to Kindle~   Don’t you wish sometimes you can get lost in the stars? That’s exactly what Captain Aricka Badu, of the Carry Bell hauler, has done for the past twelve years. When she left behind Taarken Prime and the mining community she called home, she also left Caden Carnes, the son of... Continue Reading →


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