Isn’t it romantic?

Romance used to be something very different... The romance I grew up on had a very simplistic view of love, and the destination was always marriage. The ideal portrayed had no relation to the real life version we all saw played out in our communities and homes. They were nothing alike. Today's genre of romance... Continue Reading →

Home from the Hill

Finished advert blurb today, and chapter five. At this rate, we'll be in edit in no time! I admit it, this is m favorite. We're supposed to like all our brain babies equally, I know. But, we don't. Some stories are our favorites. This is one of mine. I'll keep you posted.

Internet Gems

J. Elkins newest short is a techies dream. I enjoyed several things about the story, but more than anything else the amazing coolness with which he can paint a picture of espionage and cold mercenary calculation. The story centers around an operatives choice, and you cannot help but get drawn into his decision making. Enjoy your... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Home from the Sea

Her hair looked like gold in sunlight pulled back from her face softly, even though her features were held in a hard expression at the moment. Petite and round, she wore two small pink spots on her cheeks from high emotion, and she held a pulse iron on the men now gesturing wildly at her.... Continue Reading →

Release Day

     Release day is here! Book number two in the continuing journey of the Carry Bell, and I am so excited. In this one, I got to write my doctor. She was my favorite character in the book. I can only hope you guys are entertained as well. Happy Reading, Everybody. If you don't... Continue Reading →

The lone wolf writer

Complete and utter fiction. That's what it is. I never feel lonely when I write. It's the best time of my day, of my life even. Each word, each page is a companion to me. Yeah, I admit, I've become a little solitary, but it's been a relief up till now, and writing isn't what... Continue Reading →

Romancing the Typewriter

So, this week I've discovered the joy that is formatting. That's all sarcasm by the way. Your first anything is always a learning experience, but I swear formatting software may actually kill me. For starters, every time I sat down to work something happened. Up to and including, a car accident. The soreness is fading,... Continue Reading →

I need a hero

  Where have all the good men gone? Bad boys always seem to get the action in romance novels. Why is that? It's because they have reservoirs of masculinity just from being the anti hero. But all that darkness has a price. Your author can't get confused about how far is too far. Anti heroes... Continue Reading →

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