Falling down the rabbit hole

Original depiction of fictional anthropomorphi...
Original depiction of fictional anthropomorphic rabbit from the first chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s so confusing sometimes. I’ve been reaching out to other writers, exploring the internet to see how things have changed. (because I’m old), and I think I’m finding that it’s really, really changed.

Epub has made this a world I don’t entirely understand, but I really want to understand it all. Every morsel of it. Except for the tawdry parts. Those parts I wish I didn’t understand.

It feels like the Art (Big A) is leaving romance, and it’s being replace with Big B Business. I get that we all have to eat. I get it. I get that more people feel capable of writing books and churning them out in record time. As a writer, I get that pressure.

As a reader, it makes me a little sick and upset. Because there is nothing I love more than a good story, and they are getting hard to find. We’re turning out Bilionaire vampire BBWs and not love stories. It’s not that first blush of love where the boy meets the girl and says to himself, “That one.” It’s rape, abuse, darkness and pushing limits.

Those are mostly valid things. Not rape and abuse. I don’t really get that fetish, but I understand the need to push limits. I love the bad boy. Anti-heroes make me tremble in my slippers, but this … isn’t that. It’s lost the dream of romance. Almost like too many of us got our hearts broken all at the same time, and somewhere, somehow, the dream got lost. The idea that two people can love each other so completely that they function where they didn’t before they met. That was why I read this genre, because that a freaking beautiful dream. It’s why I write it.

It’s not that my heart didn’t get broken, it did. I just refuse to let that dream go. It’s still shiny and pretty. I keep reading book after book looking for that connection. It can even be well-written, technically correct, lovingly portrayed, and yet, it’s as if we don’t really believe it anymore. Not all of us.

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  1. They used to have something called pulp fiction. Nobody remembers the stories. I think the fettish with vampires in popular culture speaks to a fascination with death & becoming something more exciting. Someday, the profit motive may be removed & writers will have to judge their success by the number of people who remember the stories.


  2. I’m skeptical. I think the profit motive is here to stay. It’s just allowing people to package crap for sale. Buyers read the book and it’s too late. You can’t unclick. As long as the author’s are trying, I’m good. It’s the ones who are so obviously churning out soulless generic refuse that I resent.


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