Isn’t it romantic?

In a Romantic Mood
In a Romantic Mood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romance used to be something very different…

The romance I grew up on had a very simplistic view of love, and the destination was always marriage. The ideal portrayed had no relation to the real life version we all saw played out in our communities and homes. They were nothing alike.

Today’s genre of romance has changed drastically, including erotica now where the center of the story is fantastic chemistry and sex. We’ve ditched that unrealistic view of what romance should be and seldom, if ever, is. People are people, and people in love are idiots.

The concept of Mr. Right Now is new to the world of mainstream romance, but it’s  significant. The idea that love doesn’t have to culminate in forever is a type of evolution. Possibly to a very secular world, but I think it’s deeper than religion or morality. It seems to me a re-evaluation of the norms of society that have always existed. It’s more a dropping of the veil.

Is it more romantic or less to realize that people leave each other? It’s real, certainly, and I think it makes the writing of romance more potentially fulfilling. How much more romantic is it, if it’s hard? If it’s messy and difficult? People are people, and people in love are idiots.

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