Falling down the rabbit hole

It's so confusing sometimes. I've been reaching out to other writers, exploring the internet to see how things have changed. (because I'm old), and I think I'm finding that it's really, really changed. Epub has made this a world I don't entirely understand, but I really want to understand it all. Every morsel of it.... Continue Reading →

New Plan

Home is the Sailor will be published on multiple forums in September. Home from the Sea will be exclusive to Amazon for three months.

Kindle Countdown Deal

Home is the Sailor gets it's first countdown deal today. So, for the weekend, you can put it in your carousel for just 99 cents or 1.99 depending how long you wait. I'm so very excited for this because this series is one of the stories I told myself. Any of you who read this... Continue Reading →

Start the holiday with a bang.

At eight AM tomorrow morning, Home is the sailor will go on sale in a countdown deal for only 99 cents. Or it's free on Kindle unlimited. So, swing by before the tenth to get Amazon's best price so far.  And remember, have a happy and safe fourth of July! Don't drink and drive. Don't text... Continue Reading →

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