Who doesn’t love free science…fiction?

My novella series, the 47th Lancers debuted this weekend. The free event begins today and will continue through the second. I'm really excited for the world to meet these guys. I've begun working on the next in the series, Redemption Lost, already. In the world of the Carry Bell and her crew, it's common to... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Riding Redemption

Dahlia cracked the hatch on her mech, barely even hearing the noises and chaos in the hangar bay. She wanted to kill him, to rip his helmet off and ring his cocky neck. She wanted to arm her weapons and hunt his ass down right there in the station. She ripped her own helmet off... Continue Reading →

Excerpt Home from the hill

All Luca Brine could see around her was darkness. It was so heavy she couldn't be sure her eyes were actually open. It was entirely possible they were pasted shut from the head trauma she vaguely recalled somewhere in her battered memory. Inky, impenetrable darkness pressed in on her, heightening all her other senses. The... Continue Reading →

The world of the 47th

I encourage you to check out Riding Redemption exclusively on Amazon. It's a tie in to my newly released series, but it's very different. This new world of mech battles and the drop ship Redemption is my favorite place to visit. I hope you feel the same way. Jolie

The enticement of an earl is out

Bowlin's final in her dark regency series hit the shelves this week, and she has put the dark in the regency. It was a fine ending to a very entertaining series. This is at heart a historical romance, and it follows all the traditional formulas for that genre. The author very successfully marries horror elements into... Continue Reading →

New to the Indie scene?

My biggest frustration with this process is the difficulty of new Indie authors to even get noticed, and then you have to get reviews. Many review sites even require you have good reviews before you can have reviews. I don't get it. Anyway, I have identified a problem and now have a solution. I'm going... Continue Reading →

For the love of space opera

The new book, Home from the hill, is out on Barnes and Noble, Page foundry and all the usual suspects for those of you wanting to finish the story. Nook has it at the link. This is the final episode for the Carry Bell, however, the universe will continue and move into more of a scifi tone.... Continue Reading →

Digital Pre-order is live!

Release day is set. Home from the hill will drop on the 22nd. This one is my favorite. I can't help it if I have a slight Bond fixation. There is just something about an assassin spy that revs my motor. Emery Charles is so much more though. He's an ordinary guy, or he would... Continue Reading →

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