Chocolate and Bacon

Yep, I said it. I tried chocolate and bacon together, and I liked it.

I’m not ashamed!

Okay, I’m a little ashamed, but it was still good. And, it reminded me of my love for romance novels blending right into my love of all things space, and scifi. When I was younger, I never thought I’d be writing scifi romance. Historical fiction maybe. Not scifi.

Everyday, I grow more in love with my choice. It’s not every choice we can say that about in life. There’s something so sexy about the unknown, so adventurous about love in space. I mean space does nothing but try to kill you, and these stories consist of people not only surviving space, but falling in love with each other. Cause sometimes that tries to kill you too. A little like chocolate and bacon. According to statistics, I’m gonna live fifteen minutes less now. I regret nothing.

Love you guys!


English: Chocolate covered bacon from Minnesot...
English: Chocolate covered bacon from Minnesota State Fair, August 24 2008, photo by TwisterMc (Flikr), attribution required. Photo caption is: “I’d love to say the chocolate covered bacon was good… but it wasn’t. Way too salty and it just didn’t work” Source. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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