For the love of space opera

The new book, Home from the hill, is out on Barnes and Noble, Page foundry and all the usual suspects for those of you wanting to finish the story. Nook has it at the link.

This is the final episode for the Carry Bell, however, the universe will continue and move into more of a scifi tone. I’m really excited about the next series. War in the stars will begin where this one leaves off aboard Havoc Station, the headquarters of the 47th Lancer Merc Unit.

Newly, re-baptized Aiden Simeon will struggle with life aboard the space station as a teenager thrust into foster fatherhood. He and the other three children are off the empire’s radar, but for how long? He’s working for the Lancers by day and playing father to the others by night. It’s a fragile family they’re building in a very difficult time.

Hope to share snippets soon.


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