New to the Indie scene?

My biggest frustration with this process is the difficulty of new Indie authors to even get noticed, and then you have to get reviews. Many review sites even require you have good reviews before you can have reviews.

I don’t get it.

Anyway, I have identified a problem and now have a solution. I’m going to review Indie authors only with a distinct lack of reviews. Problem solved. Somewhat. I can’t read all the time, though I try.

My review policy will appear in my sidebar when the time comes, and I’m ready. You can submit your book for review to if you have 25 reviews or less. I prefer Kindle for my devices, but I can read PDF, if need be.

These will be honest reviews, so don’t send an ebook thinking it will obligate me to like it. Fair but honest reviews are all any writer should ever want. My favorite genres are romance, science fiction, fantasy, some YA. I can try and review other genres, but I can’t promise anything. I have biases. We all do. However, if it’s the genre, I don’t like I will simply email you that I can’t review based on genre preference. I promise to give it the girl scout try though.

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