The enticement of an earl is out

Bowlin’s final in her dark regency series hit the shelves this week, and she has put the dark in the regency. It was a fine ending to a very entertaining series. This is at heart a historical romance, and it follows all the traditional formulas for that genre.


The author very successfully marries horror elements into her regency creating a very cool homage to the old school beginnings of Gothic novels that no proper young lady could go without reading. This book, even more than the others, read like a novel by Mrs. Radcliffe. For the fan of the historical romance, that’s irresistible.

I gave it a solid four. There were a few editing errors that suggested a rush, but those don’t much bother me. This series is unique, and, in the current sea of self-pubs out there, that’s saying something. Unique is hard to come by in a cookie cutter industry.

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