Sci-Fi Encounters: The buzz about sci-fi and fantasy romance

Happy Ever After

Welcome to my new column at Happy Ever After! Twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursdays, I’ll be talking about science-fiction and fantasy (SF&F) romances. I’m excited about giving a “signal boost” to SF&F romance of all kinds in this space and having readers weigh in, too. I’ll try to provide a mix of news, author Q&As, reviews and reader views, with my opinions sneaking in on occasion.

Why “Sci-Fi Encounters”? I spend time in a science-heavy, tech-y place where encounters with planets are common, so the term seemed like a natural fit for a column dealing with other worlds and alternate universes. And romance!

SF&F romance is as wide ranging as the galaxies, so I’m not going to self-impose too many rules. Rod Serling said on The Twilight Zone that science-fiction was “the improbable made possible,” while fantasy was “the impossible made probable.” Works for me! I’m…

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