Who doesn’t love free science…fiction?

My novella series, the 47th Lancers debuted this weekend.

The free event begins today and will continue through the second. I’m really excited for the world to meet these guys. I’ve begun working on the next in the series, Redemption Lost, already.

In the world of the Carry Bell and her crew, it’s common to have your own army. It’s expected even. These guys can be rented. The 47th is a mechanized, self-contained unit of mercenaries from hundreds of worlds who come together for one purpose; to avoid following the rules.

Riding Redemption

The first novella is the story of Stonewall and Dahlia, the mechpilots you’ll meet in Home from the hill. Life isn’t easy despite all the technology in the Universe. In fact, it just seems like it gives bad people more options for being cruel. There’s a reason it’s handy to have your own elite force at your disposal

Home from the hill is on pre-order and will release on the 22nd of September.

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