Excerpt of Redemption Lost

Alcatraz came up on screens green and golden in bright noonday sun. It was a vibrant, growing moon with a rich ecosystem. It's use as a penal colony baffled the mind given it's rich resources, until you realized the colony was most likely used as slave labor and the planet's probably vast mineral reserves were... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?- Just about everything.

Titles matter. You know what turns me off in a title? I will sum up. Categories are for tag lines. Romance, Science fiction, BBW, Menage. Why are any of these in your title line? It's the sure sign of okay to awful porn and a terrible book. A verb and a noun- Embracing my alpha... Continue Reading →

The internet is already broken

This week, I have received an education. The opponents of SOPA and PIPA who managed to defeat the bills like to state that the internet will be broken by censorship if the bills pass. Unfortunately, the internet is already broken by theft. My experience is so common as to be laughable. To their credit, Playster... Continue Reading →

Meet a Pirate

Welcome to my new series inspired by recent events. Web piracy is bad. It's stealing and it just makes you an ass as a consumer. I'd like to present today's features of web piracy greats. Bestbooklibrary.com  a known cover for ebook piracy  They currently have my book available, the sleazes. It's a great place to... Continue Reading →

Going rogue.

I chose to go indie for a reason. When I wasn't serious about writing professionally, I think I queried a small house or two. Got, at least, one rejection. By then, I'd started looking around those websites, buying some of the product. Know what I found? Some of it was pretty awful. It was proofed,... Continue Reading →

New Release!

 Redemption Lost drops today. The second novella in the 47th lancers series is out. Aliens have been named, and all is right with the world. I hope you enjoy this one, as I go into production on the next related novel series. Cry Havoc! will begin where this novella leaves off, and I can't wait.... Continue Reading →

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