The new Lancers’ story

The new novella is in the workshop, and my biggest challenge is naming these aliens. I’m just about out of thoughts. I’ve thought all of the thoughts. Right now, the pilots have nicknamed them Cans because of their hard shells, but they have to come from somewhere. That’s my dilemma.

CORNER TABThis is Hopper’s story. Hopper’s interim leadership of the Forward Operating Base is come to an end, and he’s back out with his team full time. Their first job is to protect an archaeological expedition seeking information about the alien threat.

Dr. Teesy Cole is in charge of that expedition. On loan from the Institute, she’s working for the Imperial Guard. They aren’t really the good guys, but they are looking for ways to save humanity. That’s all it took to get her to agree.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Lancer’s. I know I am. Every time I write one, I think this one’s my favorite. Look for the Free Book Blitz on the release weekend. Hope to see you around my Amazon.


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