New blood

The worlds of fantasy and science fiction are elegantly entwined and interlocked. It’s also proven to be more than a passing phase for readers. It’s moving right into long term love affair. There may be some talk of commitment. New authors are moving into these genres all the time.

This month I discovered two that I wanted to share with you. Here we go.

Little vampire
Little vampire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A.M. Manay

Her debut novel is the unbelievably creatively titled, She dies at the end. I just began it this week, and I’m already wanting a book two. Her style is extremely elegant, and her characterizations engrossing. November Snow is clearly so much more than your average young adult heroine. She’s a pillar of strength, a lesson to us all in dealing with our own hard knocks.

Yes, there are vampires, and I know we’ve all seen vampires. What makes these special? They are real…people? These are the answer to all the things about vampires I’ve always insisted. They wouldn’t be anything like humans. Imagine what living 900 years could do to a person. She blends that concept into all of her immortal horde. They are not us.

They are frightening and endearing in their weaknesses. They are also frustrating in their differences.


Lot’s Mountainher primary work at this time, is indefinable. The sensory experience of the book is blinding. Her monsters are sometimes difficult to process which makes for a scarier monster, and the soft, Southern twang of the book brings to mind the work Beautiful Creatures.

The breadth of imagination in the whole thing is astounding and dark. It’s the story of another young adult. Dylan Caid who has suffered the loss of his brother to a sadistic murderer and being bounced into the system. Now, he’s confronted with a new world where everything you ever imagined under your bed at night is real and some of them are gunning for him. You get carried along with Dylan on his search for answers into another world,

Fantasy novels that are the most successful don’t feel like a fantasy or a dream. They feel real. Both of these works bring a reality to their story telling that makes it seem like you could be reading your story Do yourself a favor and check out these two. Happy Reading!


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