Going rogue.

Rogue in Wolverine and the X-Men
Rogue in Wolverine and the X-Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I chose to go indie for a reason. When I wasn’t serious about writing professionally, I think I queried a small house or two. Got, at least, one rejection. By then, I’d started looking around those websites, buying some of the product. Know what I found?

Some of it was pretty awful. It was proofed, but I had questions on the editing. Then I discovered a lot of the authors weren’t really getting edited. It was more like loose supervision. That raised a question for me.

What exactly are you doing for your share of the pie? Website hosting? Answer, Amazon. Advertising? Well, all of these authors I met online were still promoting themselves basically. I’d seen the editing.

I went Indie for a reason. I work hard on these novels. Long nights, Kidney killing, coffee drinking nights. Why should someone get a piece of that they didn’t really earn? Indie publishing does have a stigma, but I suspect that will change as these houses churning out terrible books fold for the very sins they paint on those of us who went out on our own.

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