Meet a Pirate

English: Flag of pirate Edward England Polski:...
English: Flag of pirate Edward England Polski: Flaga pirata Edwarda England Deutsch: Flagge des Piraten Edward England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to my new series inspired by recent events. Web piracy is bad. It’s stealing and it just makes you an ass as a consumer. I’d like to present today’s features of web piracy greats.  a known cover for ebook piracy 

They currently have my book available, the sleazes. It’s a great place to visit if you have a total lack of ethics.

Here is another great one. 

This one is apparently French, Oui Oui. Because all the best pirates came from Europe. The book you see there does NOT belong to the company running the website in any way.

These are crimes being committed, and they are by no means victimless.  The authors being ripped off are working hard and trying to raise children. We are NOT fabulously wealthy. We are struggling artists. By supporting sites like these, you are participating in that crime. I don’t care what you use as an excuse. It doesn’t justify taking food from someone’s table, and that’s just what you’re doing. So THINK.

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