The internet is already broken

This week, I have received an education. The opponents of SOPA and PIPA who managed to defeat the bills like to state that the internet will be broken by censorship if the bills pass. Unfortunately, the internet is already broken by theft. My experience is so common as to be laughable.

To their credit, Playster and Google acted quickly to remove the pirated work. However, within hours it was housed on a website known for piracy called

English: Sony Internet TV showing Wikiarticle ...
English: Sony Internet TV showing Wikiarticle about Google TV. Category:Google TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have sent cease and desists emails to all of these entities, and will be confronting as well. Hiding behind these LLCs are thieves and the people who want their profits.

Intellectual property will always be at risk if provider corporations are allowed to make law governing themselves. This isn’t censorship. It’s justice.

No one should be able to steal an artists livelihood just because they can. Musicians, photographers, authors, graphic artists, game devs, all are risk of losing profit from their creativity, unless we say no more, and write stricter laws limiting what corporate and foreign interests can do with OUR internet. It’s already broken. We need to fix it. Intelligently.

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