Happy Halloween!

Wishing you a boo-tiful trick or treat! As I sent my witch-in-training off tonight to partay, I thought "I don't have to trick or treat in the rain! Yay." Then, I thought about all those years of cold autumn nights out hitting up strangers and neighbors alike for candy we technically have no right to... Continue Reading →

Why romance novels are art too.

They are! I know. I know. I have this friend. We got to throwing around recommendations for reads and TV shows, and she adorably curls her lip and says, "Romance. You and your romance novels. I just don't get it." I smile patiently, and say, "I know." http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/555468335 It's not the first or last time... Continue Reading →

What happens in the Hellscape…

Shannon Donnelly's Edge Walkers caught my eye last week, and, when something really gets my attention, I tend to review it here. Especially, if it's new and needs reviews. To sum up the story, the heroine, Carrie, is a scientist whose experiment goes horribly awry, and she ends up letting creatures through dimensions right before she... Continue Reading →

Quick Announcement, everybody. Riding redemption will be free Friday and Saturday of this week. So stop by and give us a look, then. Sexy men and big machines, what's not to love?

My new favorite thing; book lists

Scifi Rom is a very under appreciated genre. For those of us who love, love,love the flavor, it's hard to understand why others aren't pulling out their geek cards and signing up. Until you realize the audience is growing all the time, that is. Readers are flocking to  the genre as evidenced by the newest... Continue Reading →

Kindle Countdown Weekend

This weekend you can get the second and third books in my Romance series, Home in the stars for a song! Stop by Amazon's bookstore to see what you've been missing. All my novels and novellas are free with Kindle Unlimited. And remember, if you like a book, rate a book. Authors need your support... Continue Reading →

Arrive Late and Leave Early

Here's a trick. One of the most important tricks I've learned is arrive late, and leave early. When writing, just pretend you're trying to be some high society glamour plate. You wanna make an entrance, dontcha? You want everyone to look and point. The first requirement for that is that the other guests have to... Continue Reading →

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