Hackett’s Heroes

Anna Hackett’s apocalypse isn’t like anyone else’s apocalypse.

Spent a little time reading Anna’s books 1-4 this week, and it was a really entertaining collection. So far, they are all Kindle Unlimited titles.  Set in Sydney, the cast of characters is an amalgam of nationality, ethnicity, culture and background that is nearly dizzying, but extremely realistic.

The books cover the aftermath of an alien invasion by aliens reminiscent of  the Scarans from Farscape. These dinosaur-like invaders are just the enemy. There won’t be any coalition of the willing in this invasion. The Raptors are hunting the human race to extinction for purposes that made my Mass Effect fangirl heart palpitate, and her tech lends a flavor to the writing, making it a very wild time to be alive. (You’re gonna want a Darkswift, just saying)

Hackett’s heroes can be over the top romantic for hardasses, but she does it well enough that I suspended my disbelief just fine. These are adult bedtime stories. If I’d wanted realism, I’d be reading a physics textbook.

She has a definite strength in writing strong female leads. I was continually pleased by the strengths and weaknesses of each extremely human character. These women weren’t stone paragons of womanhood. They breathed off the page.

It looks that there is a next installment coming sometime this month. Noah, who has been one of my faves from the get go, is getting his very own Captain. I’m looking forward to the read. Each of the books of this series ranked a strong 4 or 5 stars with me as I read. However, Marcus may be my favorite because of the couple adorableness factor. It’s a very subjective system I have.

As dystopia goes, I am not always a fan. Nor am I one to seek out the alien invasion phenom in romance, however, Hackett’s is an interesting exception for me. She’s got me coming back for more servings.

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