The Cosmos puts me to sleep

And I am so ashamed to admit that.

Again this week, I’ve tried multiple times to watch the Cosmos seris, and I always fall asleep. Apparently, I cannot resist Neil Degrasse Tyson’s epic science voice. It lulls me.

It isn’t his fault. It’s not the fault of the series. It’s fascinating. This is all my own weakness. If I were a stronger space nerd, I could resist the sweet siren call of sleep when Neil speaks, but, alas, I am so very weak.

Tonight, I got about two thirds through the episode where he explains atoms, and it’s so beautifully presented. Point of interest, it’s also slightly hypnotic with the spinning and the patterns, so I didn’t make it, once again.

My caution is to the younger generation; Be curious now, while you’re young because, trust me, there will come a day when you so want to learn everything the cosmos has to offer, and you won’t be able to stay awake for it. That day comes for us all. Be ready.

By the way, I’m barely over forty. In Westeros, I should be dead by now.

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