My new favorite thing; book lists

Scifi Rom is a very under appreciated genre. For those of us who love, love,love the flavor, it’s hard to understand why others aren’t pulling out their geek cards and signing up. Until you realize the audience is growing all the time, that is.

Readers are flocking to  the genre as evidenced by the newest blogs and publications becoming more and more popular on the internet. The most obvious is Scifi Romance Quarterly. It’s become the definitive voice of the genre with an impressive collection of popular authors on it’s rosters, and uniquely entertaining articles discussing the elements at play in the novels we so love.Go Home

The Blog Rolls

A  collection of impressive blogs are popping up on scene. One of the most promising, for me, is this awesome listing of Scifi Rom titles across the spectrum, SFR Station .  And, yeah, that was my particular listing. The part of this that I find promising is the utter dedication of these SFR fans and as testament to their interest, we appear to need listing websites

Another my favorites is Smart Girls Love Scifi . This also features a weekly round up of bestsellers and new releases, Very handy, if one devours books the way I do.

The Future

My hope is that the genre grows more and more popular, especially as the titles expand and new authors join the ranks. Scifi is so much more than one simple thing. It’s space opera, alien invasion, xfiles, space exploration, and every conceivable plot in between, and I can’t wait to see what we dream up next.

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