What happens in the Hellscape…

Shannon Donnelly’s Edge Walkers caught my eye last week, and, when something really gets my attention, I tend to review it here. Especially, if it’s new and needs reviews. To sum up the story, the heroine, Carrie, is a scientist whose experiment goes horribly awry, and she ends up letting creatures through dimensions right before she gets sucked through to another one herself where she encounters the hero, Gideon. I don’t like spoilers, so that’s all you’re getting outta me. Suffice it to say, the way back isn’t easy.

You had me at Hell, no.

Okay, her zombies aren’t like any other zombies I’ve seen. Donnelly uses a fresh take on an old theme, and really updates the whole thing. These energy creatures use us as a kind of containment field so they can survive and be mobile in our world. It had an infinitely more frightening vibe since all they had to do was jump into you and burn you up from the inside. A truly scary thought.

Of all the dimensions in all the world…

I admit the romance gave me pause at first, but Donnelly managed to justify moving it as fast as she did, giving the relationship a gallows feel, so that the reader was able to feel a jarring what just happened right along with the characters, and that segued right into the sure knowledge that these two are just grabbing happiness where they can find it in a zombie-fied Hellscape. And, truthfully, do any of us know what we’d do in a Hellscape? What happens in the Hellscape, stays in the Hellscape, I say.

Zombies are… fun?

I’m not gonna lie. Edge walkers is tense and gritty, raw in places. It’s a richer experience for being so. This is the kind of book that winds you up and makes it hard to sleep, but it’s worth it in the end. I gave it a solid four, and I’d read a sequel. That generally means it’s on my to read list. The author is clearly smart and writes a smart book. Take a look, and don’t forget to leave a review.

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