Arrive Late and Leave Early

Here's a trick. One of the most important tricks I've learned is arrive late, and leave early. When writing, just pretend you're trying to be some high society glamour plate. You wanna make an entrance, dontcha? You want everyone to look and point. The first requirement for that is that the other guests have to... Continue Reading →

Dear Soothsayer

I try and keep my mind pretty open, however, there is a way to do that without it falling out. Our society is sick, and I say this as a mother, not an open-minded nerd girl. Nibiru, Ah, Nibiru I just let my eleven year old go onto the interwebs with her friends, and she... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is Fall fest. In the tiny town we live in, that's like a superbowl. We'll have a parade that lines about ten city blocks, mini golf and sugar as far as the eye can see. And I got sick. Attendance is mandatory this year, as it is every year, since I am the only... Continue Reading →

Hackett’s Heroes

Anna Hackett's apocalypse isn't like anyone else's apocalypse. Spent a little time reading Anna's books 1-4 this week, and it was a really entertaining collection. So far, they are all Kindle Unlimited titles. ┬áSet in Sydney, the cast of characters is an amalgam of nationality, ethnicity, culture and background that is nearly dizzying, but extremely... Continue Reading →

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