Reviewing Rannigan

I received an advance copy of Rannigan's Redemption by Pandora Spocks, and I gotta say I'm still not sure about that man. If anyone can redeem a player like Rannigan though, it's gotta be Pandora.  The writing is extremely polished, much like the high powered attorney world she depicts, and she depicts it very well.... Continue Reading →

An interview with Jolie Mason

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Ha. That was too far back. I remember the first thing I ever turned in for feedback from another person. I wrote a romance short story for a creative writing class with an amazing amount of really desperate tragedy. It encouraged me to keep writing, since... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Message

Happy Turkey Day to everyone! I wanted to take a moment before we all start eating to thank everyone. I am ridiculously grateful to everyone who's given me the opportunity to entertain them with my writing this year. It's been a great adventure. The reading of books is a two way communication. I write the... Continue Reading →

Reviews for Riding

We have some feedback from the readers that I am very excited about: When I was a teenager, science fiction was my jam, to the point that I actually attended Star Trek conventions. As an adult, I've been more into fantasy and historical fiction, but Jolie Mason has reminded me of all the things I... Continue Reading →

The world of the starwalkers

In my novels, starwalker is the literal translation of the name the aliens call themselves. They are entirely space faring, and stop only long enough to strip a planet and move on. Their ships are massive, requiring unbelievable resources to keep going. Only Human That's the underlying issue. Both species are going to be fighting over... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Seeking Redemption

She turned away from him watching the monitors dark screens Two then three red dots indicating hostiles near the Lancers popped up. That was no real surprise. She tapped her ear piece. “Hopper, you have incoming.” “Good copy. We see them HQ.” Just at that moment she noticed that the red dots were multiplying on... Continue Reading →

An interview with Pandora Spocks

For this interview, we've really opened the box. Pandora Spocks identifies herself as a writer of literary erotica. Otherwise known as a purveyor of the sexy books. Pandora chooses to write then as a work of love. She writes the books she wants to read, she says, and loves a happily ever after almost as... Continue Reading →

Freebie for the season

I'm taking a foray into the free this week with a short story called Dimensional Shift. It's free on smashwords, and will hopefully will be free on Amazon soon. Jessica and James met, fell in love and then watched the world end, only to have it all start again. Enjoy this free short story from... Continue Reading →

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