An interview with A.M Manay

A.M. Manay , author of She dies at the end, a paranormal romance and adventure story developed her tale from a love of all things magical. She wanted a vampire story that was intelligent, or in her words, “one where the human character isn’t stupid or inexplicably self  destructive.”

I’m enamored of the idea that things happen for a reason, that compassion is valuable, and that people are stronger than they think. I find a lot of inspiration in history as well as in the cultures that have surrounded me here in the Bay Area and in my own home. I used to teach in East Oakland, and I have a multiracial family, and I like to see the diverse people I love reflected in my work.

When asked about her novel, Ms. Manay has plenty to say. She dies at the end is available through the Kindle Unlimited program, and has already garnered her an excited readership.

She Dies at the End is about a young psychic named November Snow who gets sucked into ongoing conflicts between vampires, fairies, and werewolves. The character came first: the idea for a carnival fortune teller who had legitimate powers sort of rattled around in my brain for awhile before I decided to start writing about here. It snowballed from there. I enjoy vampire fiction, but I have issues with the idea that a young girl falling in love with an ancient vampire is appropriate. I wanted to write a book that was honest about the ethical and practical problems that poses, and in which the girl has enough strength and self-awareness to stand up for herself. I was trying to write a paranormal novel that respects people’s intelligence.

She is currently working on the sequel to her November Snow novel and is planning another fantasy series without vampires, but with plenty of magic. She is planning a collection of short stories in November’s universe in December. Ms. Manay can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

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