An interview with Fionna Guillaume

As anyone who’s read anything I write can attest, I do love me some sexy books. Fionna Guillaume is one of my new faves. Her erotic romance is anything but ordinary, and her book An Amazon’s Equal is one that I really enjoyed. Fionna has the rare ability to write intelligent and sexy prose and blending the two quite well. Her love of romance, she explains this way:fionna

I love romantic stories, especially those with plenty of the good stuff. And sometimes I just want to explore the possibilities when people come together, casually or planned, with a future or without. Relationships are endlessly fascinating, and erotica is a great genre to explore them. (Plus, it’s fun to write!)

She says her inspiration is everywhere. “history, legend and myth, my dreams, a place, an event, my own dirty imagination… the possibilities are endless!”

I write mostly short stories and novellas; “An Amazon’s Equal” is my first foray into a full-length erotic novel. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and spending time with them, building the Amazon warriors’ world as I brought the hero and heroine together. It was a ton of fun, and sexy too!

My inspiration for this came from reading one too many romance novels in which two things stood out to me: 1) The heroine is an annoyingly virginal girl, taken by the (far more experienced) hero in a typically virile manner, and 2) Not enough sex. That – plus the tantalizing vision in my head of a fantasy historical setting based on Ancient Greek legend – brought “An Amazon’s Equal” to life.

The setting was fun for me, as I created a community made up exclusively of women. How would they govern? What rites of passage would they have? Who would be in charge of chores and specialized jobs? And (the fun part!), how would they grow their community and reproduce? The answer for these warlike Amazons is to capture men and keep them for pleasure. But not for love; never love. Pyrena, our heroine, grows up in this fascinating community, taking all these things for granted until she meets Astrastos, a young Greek who turns everything upside down.

Fionna’s future holds more writing, cover illustration and drinking copious amounts of tea. She says it’s all about finding the time to do everything she wants.  She blogs about her writing here, and can be found most days on Twitter with the rest of the Tweeps at @FionnaGuillaume.

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