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After finally deciding to self publish this year, a decision that was helped along by a website I’d joined called Romance Divas, I realized how little I know and how very alone in this business one could be. I also knew that this could be a vanity project  or I could be serious about it. I chose to be serious, and I haven’t looked back. I found my tribe.Alliance Transparent Blacka

Writers, we’re a crazy, artsy, weird, driven bunch, but we’re fun. Self-publishing has changed the face of publishing forever, but it hasn’t changed the people. You can’t really go it alone in media publishing. It’s just too competitive, too lonely out there. That’s when I found this bunch.

It’s a group of self-pubs, all genres who’ve banded together to promote each other, better each other’s writing and discuss our goals. Every author is there for different reasons, but the group’s goal is always the same. Get better at writing.

My Alliance Project is to spotlight some of the best of us in the group because some of them are awesome like you would not believe and really worth sharing. So, this series pretty much falls under the category, stuff I love.

It’s not a pub house or a coop or anything. It won’t get you promotional spotlights for free or anything. All of that is voluntary. Authors make those choices on their own. What it gives you is feedback and a cheering squad. The group has amateur writers, editors, and professional writers. I intend to share some of our pros with you in this series. You can find the group’s online headquarters here, if you write and you get curious.

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