An interview with Patient Lee

The name really says it all. This author is funny, quirky, sexy and adventurous, just like her books.  She is an author of what she calls “realistic erotica”, and I can attest to the truth of it. Her work is trademarked with men and women who make perfect sense to us because they are us. 

Patient Lee is the author of a host of erotic shorts that focus on real people. When asked why she chose this genre, she replied, ” I figured no one would read nice little stories without some sexy parts.”  This made me laugh because it’s so practically Patient, and because, having read and reviewed three of her shorts, I know there is so much more to it than that. Lee brings a passion to her writing that leaps from every sex scene, and then suddenly there you are neck deep in real, messy life.

I write mostly short stories and novellas. Short attention span, I guess. The last story I published was for a Halloween collection. It’s called “Ghosts Have Pride.” I was standing in the shower, and this sentence popped into my head: “My grandmother’s ghost visited me for the first time last week.” It turned into a story about a woman who discovers that she’s gay. The discovery is due in part to visits from her closeted lesbian grandmother’s ghost. I like to write about people discovering their own sexuality, probably because I lived with my own bisexuality hidden beneath denial for twenty years.

And there it is, the real beauty of that passion. Lee gives a romantic voice to people without even realizing how important a mission it is. The struggle to throw off society’s conventions and accept yourself as you are is a road with few role models for most, no way to clearly see how it’s done. Lee gives others that role model. She holds up pictures of sexuality that say clearly there is no right way to be you. Love is love.

In a sneak peek at what’s going on in the author’s head, she slipped a nugget of plot into her interview about her next work:

I’m working on a lesbian short story called Mobile Home for the Holidays. The young woman finds herself homeless, and she meets another homeless woman. They fall in love and pool their paychecks to pay rent on a mobile home.

Patient lives predominantly on Facebook,  but she has an internet home of her own at

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