Writing in diversity

It wasn’t really something I thought about until someone hit me right in the face with it. A lot of us give the impression the future will be a white one. Future space novels are predominantly peopled by white characters. I have a theory.

black and white student clasping hands
black and white student clasping hands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think of all scifi romance writers, maybe even scifi, you will find a great many are … you guessed it… white. I don’t think as writers we even think about it. I think we follow the old adage write what you know, and we forget that science tells us the future will most definitely not be people by predominantly white culture. It’s an inevitable outcome. Statistically, we know that day will arrive sooner rather than later.¬†It’s all just science after all. Caucasian traits are overwhelmingly recessive.

It was that day I resolved to use my imagination and not fall into a rut of simply writing characters I know, but to try and imagine the characters I would like to know. I began imagining a more realistic world, a world that had changed beyond what I expect, and that world is simply a different shade of human. That was my outcome.

Things like culture, ethnicity. In a technologically superior future, these things would change entirely, wouldn’t they? I’m not sure. At bottom, people never really change, do they? The main motives for murder will probably remain the same whether the killing is done with an AK or a Laser pistol.; Love, money or hatred. Our primary instinct is to flock together, and don’t people of every stripe tend to favor grouping with others like themselves. As cynical as it sounds, I think people will always seek superiority to others. The only things that are likely to change are the criteria they use to make their choices.

Somehow, this made it easier to me to understand and write more diverse characters so that one day everyone can picture a world where they fit. I began thinking of race as what it is, an artificial construct. It became merely a descriptive because the cultures we think of as white, black, red, yellow. Those aren’t really there. They’ve been replaced, as all things will be, by new ones.

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    1. There is an interesting article up this month in scifiromancequarterly about this very issue. I’ve been working on putting the thoughts in practice for a few months now, but that article made me want to share. lol


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