Fun with Google! Why time travel is never gonna happen…

I google stuff, so you don’t have to. 

On a whim, I started googling time travel this morning just to see what the world was up to in the field. The idea came to me that I could break down some of those results on this blog about science fiction.

Time is real. That’s not in dispute.

Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass ...
Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass 2.jpg. Wooden hourglass. Total height:25 cm. Wooden disk diameter: 11.5 cm. Running time of the hourglass: 1 hour. Hourglass in other languages: ‘timglas’ (Swedish), ‘sanduhr’ (German), ‘sablier’ (French), ‘reloj de arena’ (Spanish), ‘zandloper’ (Dutch), ‘klepsydra’ (Polish), ‘přesýpací hodiny’ (Czech), ‘ampulheta’ (Portugese). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GPS systems must take into account time dilation as the satellites orbit earth at high rates of speed, so time is measurable and would exist even if we didn’t. Does that make it possible to travel through it?

I’m a skeptic…

The barriers to time travel are probably insurmountable. The power requirement for wormhole travel or FTL through time would be enormous. In fact, you’d need a star or a black hole or something. Some scientists believe this is theoretically possible, but the resource requirements for anything proposed are far beyond our piddly little Earth capabilities.  Let’s face it. We can’t even manage the resources we have. To quote the Doctor, “It’s a good story.”

Assuming you could power and survive a trip through space time, you would have another problem at the end of your journey. Immunity in a person from our time would be a different thing from the immune system of say a civil war soldier or a knight of old. So, let’s pretend you want to go back in time and meet your grandpa who fought with Stonewall Jackson and shake his hand. The problem with this scenario is that you leave your germs everywhere you go. This means you probably started a plague with dear old grandpa as patient zero, and, by the time, you get back you’re dead. Because you killed your own grandfather, the grandfather paradox. Also, the very definition of irony, when you get down to it.

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