The world of the starwalkers

In my novels, starwalker is the literal translation of the name the aliens call themselves. They are entirely space faring, and stop only long enough to strip a planet and move on. Their ships are massive, requiring unbelievable resources to keep going.

Only Human

That’s the underlying issue. Both species are going to be fighting over the same resources, and there is no hope for a truce or cease fire in that case. is there? In fact, there are some pretty compelling arguments to be made that the Starwalkers and Humans have more in common than they would be comfortable admitting. They consume.

In this universe, Humans have met a species that actually consumes more than they do, and I wanted to explore the level of hubris it takes to consume with no thought to the future. Humans have erroneously believed they alone had the keys to the kingdom. They’ve been alone even beyond space travel, and there is the root of that hubris. They believed they were the only kids on the playground.

Background Noise

Starwalkers in my world have successfully adapted to become, of necessity at first, a totally space faring race. They had to flee their own world eons before. And they began to settle worlds, but had difficulty finding one to their specific requirements, therefore, at some point they embraced life in space and became a nomadic people.

They wear protective suits, and their bodies are evolving to fit the realities of their environment. Consequently, they have a somewhat monstrous appearance to our eyes. Starwalkers are nothing like their ancestors.

As villainy goes, they are an overwhelming force. To be honest, even I can’t be sure how this fight will turn out. It doesn’t exactly look good for humanity at this point.

You’re my Mirror

Scifi, traditionally, serves a purpose, and my aliens are part of that purpose. If we were to follow our own behavior to its logical conclusions, would we be very much like the Starwalkers? It’s possible. Can we stop ourselves? Who knows?

Science fiction tends to ask the questions, but can never really produce the answers. The questions are the most important part anyway. The moment a civilization forgets to question it’s own motives it is in danger of tyranny, or stupidity, or both.






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