Excerpt of Fair Trade

Jexa's eyes popped open. She heard something. Something so faint, she wasn't sure it wasn't all in her mind. There it was. She turned toward the wall of her bunk. The low hiss of water in the mister, just barely audible. There could be a leak. A water leak now could have deadly consequences. She... Continue Reading →

Cover reveal for Fair Trade

Coming Soon: Fair Trade By Jolie Mason Jexa Maru runs a minuscule trade operation in the Pisces Nebula, and everything is going fine till she picks up a stowaway. Joss Bandalau is trying to find his way back to his life and out of the nebula. When she agrees to help him, she never expected... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Romance

Jules stared at the damn mistletoe over her head. God, she hated Christmas! Her mother went nuts once a year, and the house began to resemble a kitschy Baptist church pageant. She stood in the hallway dripping from the rain and the mud outside the two story farm house out in the middle of nowhere.... Continue Reading →

Review of Peyton313

Donna McDonald has an entire series based around the subject of genetic engineering and playing god by redefining mankind. I won't lie. She had me at hello. This concept is on my nightmare scenario list. Peyton 313 is available as an Amazon Unlimited title. Long story short and trying to avoid the spoilers, Dr. Kyra... Continue Reading →

Are you a scifi snob?

Social media has really changed how we do things. It's how we share news, information, opinions, mostly opinions. Imagine my surprise this week when I stumbled onto a Twitter exchange between two movie industry players in scifi, in which one stated unequivocally that "Star Wars is not scifi". Wait, What? Yeah, one of those, I... Continue Reading →

Fun with Google! Christmas Edition

Gravity Generators for Dummies I google things so you don't have to. As science stands right this minute, space travel would require gravity generation over the long haul. Otherwise, your crew will just get sick from the lack. So, can we or can't we? The short answer is no Not yet, anyway. There are two... Continue Reading →

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