Fun with Google! Christmas Edition

Gravity Generators for Dummies

I google things so you don’t have to.

As science stands right this minute, space travel would require gravity generation over the long haul. Otherwise, your crew will just get sick from the lack. So, can we or can’t we?Untitled design

The short answer is no

Not yet, anyway. There are two known methods that are scientifically possible; centripetal force and linear acceleration.

The former would require a huge space platform of sorts with a rotating disk. Much too large for anything we could get the world behind at this time, and the latter is basically going really, really fast. That has power limitations, and might not be worth the effort or expense of going really, really fast.

Grav plating to the rescue

Do you want to write a science fiction novel? Don’t want that pesky dizzy sensation getting in the way of the character’s lines? Well, here’s your solution… never fear.

Diamagnetism is here

Magnets with extremely powerful magnetic fields can generate similar effects to gravity, however, they are also power restrictive. You’d need a method of superconductivity or several megawatts of power. And you shouldn’t worry about that super magnetic field and it’s effects on your brain. It’ll be fine.

Paragravity is something else entirely. It’s the creation of a gravitational field within the ship itself, adjusting against the outside gravitational forces to keep the area within at a “rest” state. It also doesn’t really exist. So, that’s never gonna happen, except on our ships of imagination. We can dream.

So, there you have it. Google wins again.

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