Review of Peyton313

Donna McDonald has an entire series based around the subject of genetic engineering and playing god by redefining mankind. I won’t lie. She had me at hello. This concept is on my nightmare scenario list. Peyton 313 is available as an Amazon Unlimited title.71bzjucndrl-_ux250_

Long story short and trying to avoid the spoilers, Dr. Kyra Winters developed with her jackass ex-husband a new tech that allowed for super cyber soldiers which the government promptly used and abused. This novel is the story of her trying to make that right. I’d almost have to call her an anti-hero.

As the story progresses, she manages to free one of the soldiers, Peyton 313 a marine captain being used as a cyborg. You won’t believe how.

In a nutshell, I found the book to be pretty fearless on McDonald’s part. She doesn’t pull punches. She takes risks in her writing, and her characters actually come across as what they are supposed to be, a doctor and a marine. So often, writers miss the nuances of military characters.

Her book is sci-fi romance, but it follows through in the true spirit of sci-fi and tackles some hard hitting consequences of man’s inhumanity to man. It’s worth the read.

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