Reviewing the books

My schedule is brimming with reviews. Perhaps, overflowing. I've noticed a trend among the authors, and I include myself in this. There are starting mistakes that baby authors (I would consider myself at this point more of a temperamental teen) seem to make without fail.  It all seems to be fruit from the same tree.... Continue Reading →

Redemption Burning is almost here!

My latest release is tentatively scheduled to begin pre-order on February 8th just in time for Valentine's Day. The fourth in my 47th Lancers series is the story of old friends, Hercules and Briar. While they discover how much they need each other, the Lancers are trying to find a way to survive the coming... Continue Reading →

Reviews are in!

Like any author, I live for reviews and feedback. It makes us learn the craft, and, sometimes, it gives us the strength to keep going. So, here's what some of my awesome readers had to say on Amazon! Seeking Redemption- This is the first of the 47th Lancers series I've read, and it definitely makes... Continue Reading →

She Sees in Her Sleep

I've introduced you to new paranormal fiction author, AM Manay, on this blog before now. Today, I'm giving you a short review of her latest short fiction. It's supposed to tide us over until the second release in her series is out of edits and available online.  Her novel She dies in the end chronicles... Continue Reading →

Real life science fiction, or is it?

Moore's Law- Like Murphy's Law But with Robots (Not Really) Gordon Moore wrote a paper in 1965. It wasn't exactly a break away novel. He wrote about circuit boards, specifically the cost and need for more of them. Essentially, he quantified the advance of computer science. The law basically states that the number of transistors... Continue Reading →

From the author’s desk

Hello, Everybody. It's 2016. We made it! Done some redecorating around here this week, and, in case you missed it, the latest release is out. Fair Trade is available, not only on Amazon, but also Nook, Ibooks, Kobo and more. On the home front, the latest in the 47th Lancers is in the works, as well... Continue Reading →

Should old acquaintance be forgot…

It's been a while since I was last on the codex everybody. This new prosthetic has taken some getting used to, and Jackson won't stop fussing. They came up with this idea because typing is supposed to help the neurological bonding, whatever the hell that means We're back on Fillia teaching the grunts how not... Continue Reading →

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