Should old acquaintance be forgot…

It’s been a while since I was last on the codex everybody. This new prosthetic has taken some getting used to, and Jackson won’t stop fussing. They came up with this idea because typing is supposed to help the neurological bonding, whatever the hell that meansCall SignBlack Dahlia (2)

We’re back on Fillia teaching the grunts how not to die. I don’t have much hope for the outcome. Anyway, I’ve been getting some rather unwelcome attention after my heroic efforts on Aron, so they asked me to do this blog for the fleet as part of my “therapy”. Some crap about morale. I don’t know.

I thought I’d take some time today to tell you about the real hero of the battle for Aron. His name was Beezer, well, his call sign was Beezer. He had a special field rank that comes with being one of the best damn mechpilots in the quadrant, GSIF- gunnery sergeant in field. He wasn’t a commissioned officer, but he’d worked his way almost as high as any non-com could go in our unit. GSIF Archibald “Beezer” Anthony.

We lost him when he remained behind to cover the retreat of the unit from one of the heaviest losses in it’s two hundred year history. He smoked cigars like they were going out of style. He never talked about his past because… well, we all have places we don’t like to revisit. He played one hell of a hustle on a game of cards. Man could take money from a Denallian Merchant, if they had cards on hand.

He was our friend, and he was our brother. We miss him.

As the New Standard Year arrives, I thought it appropriate that we remind the public that this war will be won not with guns or drones or mechs, but with the spirit and determination of a people who are determined to stick together, no matter what. Only the heroes who fight and die for their friends, their families and their home worlds will win this fight for us.

The enemy sees our homes as commodities to be stripped and used. We know better. Our worlds are far more than a collection of resources. They are our history, our homes, and our heart. We must defend them.

Okay, that’s enough of that. I’ll probably have to do this again, so Happy Standard, everyone. And, keep fighting.



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