Reviews are in!

Like any author, I live for reviews and feedback. It makes us learn the craft, and, sometimes, it gives us the strength to keep going. So, here’s what some of my awesome readers had to say on Amazon!Future

Seeking Redemption-

This is the first of the 47th Lancers series I’ve read, and it definitely makes me want to read more! Jolie Mason does a masterful job of resolving the Sci-Fi writer’s great challenge: how to give the reader enough context to understand this futuristic world, without drowning us in technical jargon or giving us a complex physics lesson. I felt like I understood everything that was going on, and got a true feeling for all the technology – as well as the politics – of this space-age world.

The budding romance was a sweet addition to this story, as well. Bree is a strong character, and a good match for Atlas’ quiet determination. Though they come from different backgrounds, their work together to save Bree’s planet from pirates is the path that leads to the possibility of something more.

A fun, fast read that inspires me to read the rest of the 47th Lancers adventures!

Home is the Sailor-

Home is the sailor is a Sci-fi story based on the Carry Bell spaceship. Although the world that this Sci-fi is set in is constructed and unfamiliar the richness of the characters makes it relatable and enjoyable. Writing a multi- POV book is easy, doing it well and making it easy to follow is not. Jolie Mason did an exceptional job and has managed to weave romance and sci-fi together perfectly. (Who knew they complimented each other so well?)

Home from the Sea-

Ra’dan Sevarus, the Sorian Captain of Carry Bell returns home to the planet Brin where nothing much has changed, slavery is still rife among his people as it was six years ago when he left. Will he be able to change things for the Sorians, does love have a place in his life, and how will the decisions he makes affect the future of the Carry Bell? Find out more in this wonderful sci-fi sequel to Home is the Sailor by Jolie Mason. The story seamlessly moves on from the first book giving Ra’dan more exposure this time. You can read this book as a standalone but reading the first part will also give a fascinating insight to the crew and journeys of the Carry Bell.
Jolie Mason has expertly weaved a futuristic plot where planetary travel is now possible, but the book also shows that some human traits never change.
I cannot wait to read more books by this exciting author!


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  1. I didn’t know sci-fi romance was a thing until this author. IDK why it’s not as big as 1700’s pirates romance.


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