Redemption Burning is almost here!

My latest release is tentatively scheduled to begin pre-order on February 8th just in time for Valentine’s Day. The fourth in my 47th Lancers series is the story of old friends, Hercules and Briar. While they discover how much they need each other, the Lancers are trying to find a way to survive the coming storm. Briar Rose

I hope you all enjoy my Lancers even half as much as I do. As I’m nearing the final book, each release is a little more bittersweet because soon I won’t be writing their stories. Here is a snippet from Briar’s story, Burning Redemption, due out on the 8th.

She turned in his arms. Her gaze met his own, then drifted down languidly to linger along his bare neck where her hand held his thin shirt. It wasn’t just him. Her thoughts were obvious. And, drug induced, he reminded himself.

“Rose,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Shut up,” she ordered. “Just shut up.”

Her hands suddenly reached up to clutch his shoulders as she levered herself up on his waist and wrapped her legs around him like vines. Her mouth fell onto his in an avalanche of sensation, the taste of berries and booze on her tongue, the slip of her tongue sliding along his. It was every dream of her he’d ever had and more as she drove the kiss deeper. His hand slipped up to bunch in her long hair where he just held on as she kissed him.

The music stopped a moment, and then the room was punctuated by a thunderous beat as the song changed to something more charged, more energetic. His heart pounded as she pulled away.

He lowered her to the floor in a stunned movement. She dropped her eyes and pressed her forehead against his chest. 

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