No Spoiler Review of Rannigan’s Redemption Part Deux


As promised, I am delivering my advance review of Pandora Spocks awesome new series, Rannigan’s Redemption. It’s a serial, and I’m not a general fan of serial cliffhangers, however, there is an exception to every rule. This is mine.

I am going to endeavor not to ruin the book for anyone while giving the low down on what’s new in Mary Margaret’s life. We all, I include myself in the number, made a few assumptions about where things would go between Maggie and Michael. Things were never as they seemed.

In part two, Rannigan is about to face off with himself, being forced to reconsider his life, his choices and his treatment of his friends. His dark moment is very dark indeed, and when he needs someone, the only person there is Maggie.

Spocks manages to do something amazing. She’s written erotic romance that has depth and thoughtful character analysis. The relationship that develops by the end of part two is the stuff of fairy tales, but, along the way, Maggie makes her share of poor choices, does a bit of growing up, and has to work out her own failures. Again, we get to be nicely immersed in the world of high legal drama, and Spocks does an amazing job with these details.

Overall, on my meh to love scale, Rannigan’s Redemption part 2 was a huge love. It’s currently in pre-order and drops for release on the 9th.

Happy Reading!

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