Redemption’s Requiem


The fifth of my redemption series is in production now, and I cannot resist a cover reveal. I just can’t. The artist is Fayefayedesigns, and she is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever seen as well as also being an author.

Redemption’s Requiem finishes off our search for that crazy powerful weapon the empire’s been looking for when the Lancer’s assist in the search. Up till now, you’ve met the mech unit. In Requiem, you meet the pilots. Lt. Cathera Aigen and Capt. CT Murphy are the ones behind the stick in Redemption, and this book is their love story.

Murphy’s been carrying a small torch for a while now, and circumstances lead him to say something when Cat’s panic attacks are growing bad enough that she could lose her certification and be pulled from the Redemption’s crew. He knows that flying is the only time she wouldn’t have one, and he’s made up his mind that she won’t lose that. Flying is her life. Cat discovers the weapon using that brilliant mind of hers, and the Lancers are sent in to remove it from the playing field… permanently. Cat and Murphy and the rest of the Lancers are in for a real fight this time, maybe the fight of their lives. In the midst of all the losses, is it possible they can find each other?

Keep an eye out for my next release.


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