WIP it good.

Works in progress are the artist’s bread and butter, and, as a reader, I love the snippets that tell me what my favorite authors are doing? My current project, now that Redemption is in final edit, is a new series called Brother Assassins. Here’s a snippet from the first release in this series, Brother Mine.


Mal watched him disengage the comm and pop his head over to look at the street. He reached a hand for her. Mal looked at it a moment, cool and dry in the sunlight filtering through the now shattered window. She put her hand in his and noticed his pause, a momentary stop as he looked down at their two joined hands. He didn’t meet her eyes, but the moment had an indefinable heaviness to it, a weight.

“Stay low and do exactly what I do. I’m getting you out of here.”

She nodded obediently. Of all people, she knew the stakes here. Mal was an obstacle to someone who didn’t give a second thought to wiping her away like a stain on his shirt. Adame was fighting for her at the moment.

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