Fair Trade by Jolie Mason

Very excited that Fair Trade is currently listed as a bestseller in scifi at ARe this week. It's on promo, so hurry and get it while you can for free. I love reader feedback, so please, let us know what you think and leave a review. Happy Reading!   Price: $0.99 Source: Fair Trade by... Continue Reading →

Fair Trade by Jolie Mason

Price: $0.00 today Jexa Maru flies short runs through the Pisces Nebula as a member of the Trader's Guild. It's on one of these short runs she discovers a stowaway. Joss Bandalau has been held captive by the Calypso Syndicate for months and finally found his opportunity to escape. He escapes right into the clutches... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Magic

  Reviewed by Janice Benson for Readers' Favorite In For the Love of Magic, Maeve holds a high position in her coven as matchmaker. She uses sex to connect with and match others, finding them the perfect match. Love is her job, and it's the one thing she's denied. She's accepted this ... until she... Continue Reading →

It Happens

Every once in a while, you get a review that really makes you cry.  And that can go either way. The ones you gotta focus on are the ones that teach and the ones that encourage. I got one of those this week. I’ve been greatly enjoying Jolie Mason’s SciFi romance series – Home in... Continue Reading →

Working Hard and Hardly Working

We moved. And I'm still recovering. So, it's been a ridiculously unexpected development when we were required to abandon the creepy little house a  block away from this one. It was basically a sinking ship. I am making limited progress on Brother Mine, but it's slow going. In the meantime, Redemption's Requiem is out on... Continue Reading →

Sharing V. Projection

This week I did a tally and I've got 11 works of romantic fiction out on the market. I'm working on a new series. The inventory was interesting. An author I know once made a comment that we put some of ourselves into everything we write.  Sometimes we project ourselves onto characters which is a... Continue Reading →

Release Day is Coming

Release day for Redemption's Requiem the fifth and final in the 47th Lancers series of novellas is set to drop on March 31. Here is a bonus snippet of your favorite mechpilots at work, or, in this case, pilots. He sighed and ran his hands down her arms a few more times. She noticed something.... Continue Reading →

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