Redemption’s Requiem

Coming in March, the last in the 47th Lancer’s series. RedemptionRequiemKindle

“More enemies, Murphy. I just found us more enemies.”

“I know. Let’s go work on the Redemption. You’ll feel better.” Without taking his arm from her shoulders, a fact she barely noticed till they reached the ship, he steered her back to her repairs. She started to move away from him, maintain a professional distance on the ship. He merely pulled her closer and whispered, “Things have changed whether you want to admit it or not.”

He leaned in and brushed a soft, chaste kiss over her mouth. She closed her eyes, stunned for the second time today. He’d never pushed things this far before, though she admitted to times when she’d been unsure. It would feel like they had advanced the relationship into unfamiliar territory, but it never had. “We’re done hiding from each other, right?,” he demanded.

“Okay,” she said softly. Cat studied him closely, lifting her right hand to almost touch his face and then letting it drop. “And the crew?”

“This isn’t a military operation. The crew will be fine.”

She noticed a few smiles and glances their way. She started to step out of the shadows in the hatchway entrance, but she turned back to ask him one last thing. “To be clear, we’re talking about a romantic relationship here, right?”

“I’m sorry, Lieutenant. Did I fail to make myself clear?” He stepped forward and hauled her close to his body. For a moment, she could only stand there with her hands curling into his jacket. Then, his mouth dropped onto hers stealing her breath with the same precision he aimed the Redemption’s weapons. His hand cupped the back of her head, while his other arm curled up over her back and neck. As his lips teased at her own, she opened her mouth in surprise only to find he’d swept in with his clever, clever tongue within a second, and she could no longer think about who would see and what they’d think. Her only thought was getting closer.

He pulled away slowly. With her eyes still closed, she whispered, “Crystal, sir.”

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