Release Day is Coming

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Release day for Redemption’s Requiem the fifth and final in the 47th Lancers series of novellas is set to drop on March 31. Here is a bonus snippet of your favorite mechpilots at work, or, in this case, pilots.

He sighed and ran his hands down her arms a few more times. She noticed something. “You aren’t smiling.”


“I’ve never seen you when you weren’t smiling,” she accused. Somewhat distracted from her panic, she studied him carefully.

“It’s my natural reaction to damsels in distress.” And, he smiled. She relaxed. That was better.

Redemption’s Requiem is an Amazon exclusive available in the Kindle Unlimited library.

Ask the author:

Someone asked me a question that I think deserves a more lengthy answer. I was asked, Why do you seem to prefer kind of broken characters?

It’s a good question.

There are two reasons. The first is that I don’t think anyone gets through life completely unbroken. There are problems, and then there are problems. To me, survivors are interesting people. Helpers are interesting people. I naturally gravitate to survivor stories. The second is simply that it fits the world I’m building.

We have this image as a society, or at least we appear to, that technology will change everything, that it will eliminate pain, famine, disease and suffering of all kinds, and it probably will, BUT…

My suspicion is that our social problems could only become larger, of a more magnified scope. I like to ask the question What if it’s us? Humanity is imperfect, and history is cyclical. What if we are the architects of our own failures and no amount of advancement will stop us failing?

I’m a big believer that there is no magic bullet. The only cure for what ails our souls is doing the work. In Riding Redemption, Jackson and Dahlia let their own tragedies write their present. In Redemption Burning, Briar and Hercules are living in shared grief. It has been a recurring theme. No question.Characters that I love to write have usually suffered to get where they are. They know real pain, and they fight to survive that pain. It’s why I love them. Never give up. Never surrender.


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