Sharing V. Projection

This week I did a tally and I’ve got 11 works of romantic fiction out on the market. I’m working on a new series. The inventory was interesting. An author I know once made a comment that we put some of ourselves into everything we write. Future Fairy Tales

Sometimes we project ourselves onto characters which is a whole lot more of ourselves than we want to put out possibly. After my inventory, I don’t think I have any projected characters, if I know myself the way I think I do. However, I see myself in there in pieces.

Dahlia in Riding Redemption has my brash sarcasm. One or two of them carry my weaknesses. My newest hero, Capt. LT Murphy from Redemption’s Requiem, wears my completely unwarranted optimism about life and romance. He believes without question that nothing stops love but us.

To my author friends, how often do you project yourself on your characters, if you do at all? What strengths and weaknesses creep in the most?


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